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Anni #Dewani: #Facebook Message To All Those Who Remembered Anni On This Very Sad And Special Day.

Anni #Dewani : One Year Memorial Service

#Dewani :'I persuaded sobbing Anni to go ahead with her wedding': Cousin reveals how murdered bride wanted to call off marriage to Dewani

Tribute: Vinod Hindocha with his daughter Anni. A candlelight vigil will be held in her honour
Tribute: Vinod Hindocha with his daughter Anni. A candlelight vigil will be held in her honour

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#Dewani : One Year Later And STILL Questions Remain UnAnswered

Western Cape police on Saturday are confirming that the investigation into the honeymoon murder and hijacking of Anni Dewani and her husband Shrien in Gugulethu is ongoing.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk however refused to comment on newspaper reports that the murder may have been a planned hit or The Sun newspapers report that Shrien Dewani, who owned a British healthcare company with his father and brother, was £6.25 million in debt.

The Weekend Argus on Saturday has however claimed that the police were looking for two more people believed to work for two top Cape Town hotels and that
"an explosive revelation" would soon be made about the tourist murder.

Compelling Questions

If the Dewani's were hijacked why was Anni's body found with the car the next morning?
The point of a hijacking is to take the car. The fact that Anni apparently remained with the car throughout rejects hijacking as a possibility. Even if the only motive was robbery, using the car as a getaway vehicle, they would have released her - more likely the couple - in the middle of nowhere before dumping the car.
Why was Shrien released before Anni?

It has been established that this was not a rape case. That makes his earlier release even more perplexing. If they wanted to rob the couple and make off they would have dumped the pair in the middle of nowhere. If rape was the issue then dumping or even killing the husband is logical. But if it is to keep a hostage that would be insane. They are allowing a witness to raise the alarm and keeping a hostage that - at best - can buy them a bit of time when the police corner them. Releasing him before her in the way it was done is totally illogical.
Why kill Anni?
If they have witnesses, in Shrien and the driver, and rape was never part of the crime why would they ever kill Anni? They have already allowed 2 witnesses out who can identify them and raise the alarm. In addition even the dumbest criminal knows that murder carries the highest penalties so unless they have a compelling reason to kill her why would they do it?

Why did Shrien raise the alarm?
According to the reports the murderers released Shrien who flagged down a passing car who took him to the police station to raise the alarm. The driver had about an hour's head start on him why hadn't he raised the alarm immediately? In addition why would they ever allow the driver out of the car to go and call the police right at the start of the criminal activity. It's insane. Motive and Method
What is most strange about the whole affair is the manner in which it was carried out. While criminals may be thought of as morons in books and movies there is normally method in their madness as every policeman knows.

If we are dealing with either a robbery or hijacking this is how it - incredibly - happened.
They corner the car and order the 1st witness - the driver - out so that he can go and call the police.

They drive around and then allow the second witness out to identify them.

Without any intention of committing rape, using her as a hostage or taking the car they murder Anni and leave the car where it can be found by the police.
Why didn't they just turn themselves in and spare the police the bother?

If robbery and hijacking were not the real motive that leaves murder.

If that is so then why would you ever let two witnesses out of the vehicle? In this case 3 dead makes far more sense than 1.

#Dewani : Candlelit Vigil To Mark The Death Of Anni Ninna Hindocha

Candlelit vigils are to be held a year on from the shooting of Anni Dewani during her honeymoon in South Africa.

Mrs Dewani, 28, died after the car she was travelling in with her husband, Shrien, 31, was hijacked in Cape Town.

The vigils are to be held on 13 November in Bristol, London, Cape Town and also Sweden where she was born.

South African authorities have applied to have Mr Dewani extradited over claims he was involved in her murder. He denies the charges.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo from Bothasig, Cape Town, has been jailed for 18 years for murder, kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances and perverting the course of justice after agreeing a plea bargain.

Mr Dewani, from Bristol, faces charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and obstructing the administration of justice.

Mr Dewani's extradition was backed by Home Secretary Theresa May after a judge approved the move in August.

An appeal has been lodged with the High Court.

Mrs Dewani's uncle, Manoj Panchmatia, who helped organise the vigils, said it had been "a very difficult year for the family".

Lighting a candle

"We are all looking for some form of closure," he added.

Mr Panchmatia said the idea had come from users of Facebook who wanted to do "something special".

"In addition to the four centres there are hundreds and hundreds of emails we have from people who cannot make it to the vigils who will be lighting a candle."

The vigils, including one in Harrow, north London, where Mrs Dewani lived with relatives before getting married, are scheduled for 17:30 GMT.

Two other men, Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 25, and Xolile Mngeni, 23, are also charged with murder, as well as kidnapping and robbery with aggravating circumstances and will go on trial at the Western Cape High Court next year.

Mrs Dewani was shot after a cab the couple were travelling in was hijacked in the Gugulethu township.

Mr Dewani was released unharmed but Mrs Dewani's body was later found in the abandoned car.

#Dewani : Anni Dewani Died One Year Ago Today - Anni's Friend Has Chosen Today To Break her Silence

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ANNI : The Day A Dream Died

The story of Anni and Shrien Dewani would allegedly involve local hit men, a police commissioner who had to apologise for his monkey comments, a highly paid publicist and an accused who still fights extradition to South Africa.

The story starts - like a typical romance novel - with young British millionaire Shrien Dewani reportedly flying his Swedish-born girlfriend Anni to Paris, where he proposes to her with a £25000 diamond engagement ring balanced on a red rose.

Four months later, they a re married in a Hindu ceremony in India and then travel to Cape Town for their honeymoon in November.

The news of Anni's murder cast a deep shadow over other crimes in South Africa.

The tragedy of a beautiful foreign bride, killed in a South African township, spread across the globe, with British tabloids particularly gorging themselves on the country's violent crime.
Initially cast as a hijacking gone wrong, the murder took a turn when Dewani was arrested in the UK after shuttle operator Zola Tongo implicated him in the murder.

Tongo confessed that Dewani had asked him to hire hit men to kill his wife and offered R15000 for the murder.

Tongo said he hired Xolile Mngeni and Mziwamadoda Qwabe to carry out the hit. Tongo is serving an 18-year sentence, while Dewani continues to deny his involvement .

Though it might be a year since her death on Monday, Anni's family is still searching for answers. Tongo says he, Dewani, Mngeni and Qwabe know exactly what happened that night.
Speaking from his home in Sweden this week, Anni's father, Vinod Hindocha, says it has been a terrible more

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#Dewani :EXCLUSIVE: My dinner with honeymoon murder victim Anni Dewani

Angela Bartlett with Anni and Shrien Dewani
A CHESHIRE beauty therapist told The Chronicle how she dined with bride Anni Dewani in a South African National Park days before she was murdered.

Angela Bartlett and her husband Chris of Woodlands Way, Tarporley spent a day with newleyweds Anni and Shrien Dewani when they were on South African safari at Chitwah Chitwah, in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Just four days later they learnt the shocking news of Anni’s kidnapping and brutal murder.
Angela and Chris met Anni and Shrien on the last day of their own safari.
They travelled with the young couple on an evening game drive and then sat opposite them during and evening meal. Angela said she was immediately struck by Anni’s beauty.

“She was an absolutely beautiful girl , the photographs you see do not do her justice.”

Over dinner Angela and Anni chatted not only about their safari adventure and her wedding.
Angela said: “She had some fading henna tattoos on her hands and was explaining to us it was from the wedding. She told me she was brought up in Sweden and had been married in India.”

Angela said she had noticed that Anni was not really wearing the appropriate clothing for going on Safari. “She told me she didn’t know she was going to South Africa for her honeymoon until Shrien’s mother told her after the wedding, and she didn’t know how long she was staying.”

Angela said during the evening meal they were being bitten by mosquitoes.

She said: “I joked with her ‘thank goodness for the malaria tablets’.

“I remember feeling really quite worried about her, because I was bitten four times that night.”

Angela who owns Angela Bartlett’s Health and Beauty at the Wild Boar Hotel in Beeston said : “She was obviously a very well groomed girl, and had beautiful Chanel jewellery on.

“She was very interested in my beauty salon and was asking me about it.

“When I told her I was based in Cheshire she turned to her husband and asked him ‘Do we live near there’, when he said no she looked quite disappointed.”

When Angela and Chris left the safari and continued on their holiday she said they had nothing but fond memories of 28-year-old Anni Dewani.

But just four days later they learnt of Anni’s shocking fate.

“We saw the report of her murder several days later in the hotel room. I didn’t recognise her at first but I recognised him. I was so shocked we couldn’t believe it.

“I have been to South Africa so many times. I don’t feel unsafe, but my husband was a bit more wary after this.”

On Tuesday Shrien Dewani, of Bristol, was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to murder Anni Dewani. He appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates in relation to her death and told the court he did not consent to extradition.

Every day new revelations about the couple appear in the national press and Angela said she can’t help but think of those hours she spent with young Anni who was looking forward to a long life with her new husband.

Angela added: “I just feel so terribly sad, and I just think it is a waste of such a young life. I just feel for her family, and I would want to let them know she that she was enjoying the safari.”

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#Dewani : Anni Ninna Hindocha - Vigil To be Held Sunday November 13th