Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shrien Dewani has the power to end this torture for Annis family, he chooses not to ,instead continues to hide behind his fathers skirt like a 'big girls blouse'. Shrien Dewani be a man for once in your life and grow some cojones !! AND tell the truth ALL of it, tell the world you are a coward.

Family vigil for tragic bride Anni Dewani on what would have been her 29th birthday

By Mail On Sunday Reporter
Last updated at 2:59 AM on 13th March 2011
The family of the bride murdered on her South African honeymoon yesterday marked what would have been her 29th birthday by staging a prayer vigil.
Anni Dewani’s mother, Nilam Hindocha, 49, and relatives gathered in the Swedish town where Anni was born.
In a further tribute, the Hindocha family released to The Mail on Sunday the last photograph they took of Anni when she was alive.
Accused: Shrien Dewani
Tragic: Anni Dewani
Accused: Shrien Dewani denies killing his new wife Anni
Anni, 28, was killed after she and her new husband, Shrien Dewani, were hijacked as their taxi drove through a township in Cape Town last November.
Mr Dewani, 31, who lives near Bristol, is now the subject of extradition proceedings in relation to the killing. He has denied any involvement.
The trial of the two alleged hitmen who carried out the killing has been delayed until June.
The couple’s driver, Zola Tongo, is already serving an 18-year sentence. He claims Mr Dewani instigated the crime.

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